The Revue libre de Droit (RLD) is a generalist law review that publishes articles, essays, and book reviews by academics, legal practitioners, policymakers, and advanced law students from French-speaking countries and from all over the world. The RLD places special emphasis on articles covering contemporary and innovative issues in any field of law with real-world implications. Only submissions in English or French will be accepted for review.

How to submit an Article

Please send your article as a Microsoft Word document to

Our Review Process

RLD’s review process is rigorous to meet the highest academic standards. All submissions to the RLD follow a double-blind peer-review process, meaning that authors and reviewers remain anonymous throughout the review process. Reviewers are asked to judge submissions on the following criteria: novelty and originality, contemporary relevance, quality of writing, coherence, and thoroughness. The entire process, from submission to final decision, may take between one week and one month. Please note, however, that due to the large number of submissions received by the RLD from all over the world, we are unable to respond to articles not selected for publication.

For any queries about the submissions please contact Mrs. Gal Weitzman, Editorial Secretary, at