Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

For any questions or suggestions please contact us at: contact@revue-libre-de-droit.fr  


 1.       How does the RLD differ from other law reviews?

→ Firstly, authors and contributors are not subject to any editorial constraints. An article's publication depends solely on its scientific quality. An author who publishes an article in the RLD may publish subsequently the same article in any other law review. 

→ Secondly, the RLD has an international scope: it is intended for the members of the international legal community who will have access to its articles.

→ Thirdly, the RLD is a non-profit and online law review.                                     

  1. 2.       Will authors/contributors of the RLD receive any compensation?

The RLD does not compensate the authors and contributors. It is a non-profit law review based on the pro bono commitment of its members.

  1. 3.       What is the RLD's publication frequency?

The RLD has no specific frequency but publishes articles that meet its quality requirements upon validation by the Scientific Director.

  1. 4.       Within what period an article will be published? 

Once the article received by the General Secretary of the RLD, it will be transmitted to the Scientific Director for evaluation. A scrutiny as to the article's scientific quality and interest will take place and the author be informed about the final decision within one month running from the date of reception of the article/contribution. Once the article approved, the author will be immediately informed and the article published. In order to assure that the submitted article meets the RLD's quality requirements, the Scientific Director may also authorise the publication subject to some modifications.